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Welcome Back to Kona (Again!)


Welcome back to Kona (Again!)

As of today (Nov. 1st) Governor Inge has announced Hawaii is officially welcoming back all travelers!

The Safe Travels Program continues as is throughout the end of the year at least. Though as numbers continue to go down (fingers crossed!) and vaccinations rates go up local restrictions will be dropped.  

Make sure to keep an eye on your destination and as always please be respectful of the local businesses rules.

On November 8th the United States is lifting some of the most severe International Travel restrictions that were put in place. There are many caveats to that one including which vaccines countries are using and as you know these things change fast… so definitely look into that based on what country you wish to travel from. You can also reach out to us directly through phone or email and we can help you find the most current and up to date information.

This is an especially beautiful time of year in Kona and the holidays always make for a great and peaceful time to visit the island! We look forward to seeing you again and celebrating as recovery continues and we hope for (even better) times ahead!


Tips for Emergency PreparednessListen to the local officials. They have the best view of the situation in your area.

Monitor Weather Forecasts & Local News Reports

Make sure your vehicles have gas.

Keep your cellphones charged & with you.

If evacuating follow the designated routes.

Make sure you leave a note or someone knows where you plan to go in the situation.

Wear proper clothes and footwear in an emergency situation.

Never drive through a flooded area or roadway. (Turn around.)

Secure your home. Make sure electrical equipment is shut-off and unplugged. If necessary shut off water and gas.

Check on your neighbors to make sure everyone gets out.